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Cesaria Evora - Grammy winner

Grammy Award winning album

Cesaria Evora – Voz d’Amor
‘Best World Music Album 2003’

A lifetime of rhythm  

From leading 60+ person carnaval group at 12 years old, recording a Grammy winning album with Cesaria Evora, composing music for licensing, working with Madonna and creating custom sounds for renowned international artists – Miroca Paris has rightfully been dubbed the ‘Island Rhythm Innovator’.

RECENT WORK – Some of his latest work can be heard on the title track of Hollywood movie 'The Beast' invited as percussionist by artist Sona Jobarteh, who's new album he's also recorded for: The Gambian artist had been searching for a specific sound, and found it on Sara Tavares' ground braking album in the form of Miroca's work. During a in-depth session Miroca recorded the custom set-ups for Badinyaa Kumoo. Check for more in Discography.

Miroca is endorsed by Latin Percussion, Remo and Turkish Cymbals.

It starts with rhythm

Learn more about the 20+ years of Miroca Paris work as percussionist.

Miroca Paris 1994 Mindelo

Being born into the ‘Paris’ family of thriving musicians on São Vicente
Age of seven he started to play the drums, at thirteen Miroca he explored singing, playing guitar as well as percussion and founded his first band in 1994, drumming and singing. A year later he was invited to play with A Batucada, a percussion ensemble in São Vicente.

As a seventeen year old he moved to Portugal, studying at the Hot Club conservatory studying jazz drums, while performing in clubs a drummer or percussionist, alongside artists from all over the world, including his famous uncle Tito Paris.
He was challenged by Sara Tavares to expand his skills but he really perfected his craft through years of performing with Cesária Évora’s: day in day out, at the biggest festivals and most famous theaters, all the while recording studio albums as well.

Miroca Paris - Capo Verde / Portugal

Miroca brilliantly adds layers and color, beats, rhythmic backbone, nuance and custom details, excelling alongside international artists like Chico Cesar, fadista Cuca Rosetta, Tito Paris, Sona Jobarteh, Bana, Mariza, Sara Tavares, Zizi Possi, Angélique Kidjo, Bitori, Nancy Vieira, Bonga, Rui Veloso, Tcheka, Camané, Yuri DAcunha, Aline Frazão, Boy Gê Mendes, Teófilo Chantre,  and many others – plus, more recently the Queen of Pop Madonna.

On top of being known as an innovative percussionist and versatile drummer, Miroca’s created his own unique guitar playing technique drawing on his vast rhythmic knowledge; forward driving, playful, surprising and fresh.

Get in touch with Miroca’s management Kokako Music for more information, booking live performances, licencing, educational programs, bookings for studio recordings for tracks, albums, soundtracks and more.

Miroca Paris recording in Atlantic Blue Studio

Live with Cesaria Evora 2021


A selection of recordings for international artists

Selection of recorded work by Miroca Paris on percussion, drums, vocals and guitar. 
Contact management for more information.

2022 Sona Jobarteh – Badinyaa Kumoo
2022 The Beast soundtrack: N'na Duniyaa by Sona Jobarteh
2021 MIROCA PARIS - Live in Warsaw
2021 Bernardo Lobo ft Miroca Paris - Zambujeira
2020 Barbara Tinoco & Barbara Bandeira - Cicade
2019 Djodje – Newborn, Broda Music
2018 Nov MIROCA PARIS – ‘Funana medley’ (single)
2018 May MIROCA PARIS – Nhe Simpronia
2018 March Carolina Deslandes – Casa, Universal Music Portugal 6741310
2018 March Lucibela – Laço Umbilical, Lusafrica
2018 March MIROCA PARIS – Guilhermina (single)
2018 Feb Eurovision PT finalist: Tito Paris & Maria Inês Paris – ‘Bandeira Azul’
2018 Jan Eurovision PT semi-finalist: Aline Frazao & Susana Travassos Canção – ‘Mensageira’
2018 Yola Semedo ‎- Sem Medo, Energia Positiva Music ‎EPCD005
2018 Djodje – to be released
2017 Nov MIROCA PARIS – ‘Joana Joaninha’ (single)
2017 Nov MIROCA PARIS – D’Alma (album), independent release
2017 Mayra Andrade – to be released
2017 Coladera – O Dotu Lado, Agogo Records
2017 Elida Almeida – Kebrada, Lusafrica
2017 Sara Tavares – Fitxadu, Sony
2017 Tito Paris – Mim E Bô, Ruela Music Management
13 Dec 2016 MIROCA PARIS – ‘Mund Amor’ (single)
2016 Zizi Possi – EP: O mar me leva
2015 Dino D’Santiago – EP Unplugged
2015 Lura – Herança, Lusafrica
2015 Cesaria Evora – Greatest Hits, Lusafrica
2015 Cuca Roseta – Riû, Universal Music Portugal
2014 Zizi Possi – Tudo Se Transformou, Eldorado
2013 Dino D’Santiago, Eva, Lusafrica
2013 Djodje – Feedback, Broda Music
2013 Luiz Caracol – Devagar, Get!Records
2013 Cesaria Evora – Mãe Carinhosa, Lusafrica Sony Music, RCA
2013 Aline Frazao – Movimento
2012 Rui Veloso – E Amigos, EMI Portugal
2012 Matias Damasio – Por Angola, Arca Velha Entretinimentos ‎
2012 Ary ‎- Crescida Mas Ao Meu Jeito, LS Produções CD 0071
2010 Lura – Best Of, Luafrica
2010 Cesaria Evora – DVD Live in Coliseu Lisbon, Sony
2010 Cesaria Evora; ‘&’ (Bonga, Cali, Ismaël Lô etc.) , RCA, Sony, Lusafrica
2009 Lura – Eclipse‎, Lusafrica, Sony
2009 Cesaria Evora – Nha Sentimento, Lusafrica Sony Music, RCA
2009 Matias Damasio – Amor É Festa Na Lixeira
2009 Sara Tavares – Xinti, World Connection WC43082
2007 Nancy Vieira – Lus, World Village WV 498033
2007 Sara Tavares – DVD Live in Lisbon, Sony
2006 Lura – M’ Bem Di Fora, Lusafrica, Sony
2006 Cesaria Evora – Rogamar, Lusafrica, RCA, BMG
2005 Sara Tavares – Balance, Times Square Records
2005 Lura – Di Korpu Ku Alma, Lusafrica
2004 Cesaria Evora – CD/DVD Live D’Amor at Grand Rex, BMG
2004 Compilation album – Caboverdeanos D’Angola, BMG
2004 Cesaria Evora – Les essentiels
2003 Cesaria Evora – Voz D’Amor, Lusafrica GRAMMY AWARD WINNER
2002 Cesaria Evora – CD/DVD Live In Paris, Le Zénith De Paris, BMG, RCA, Lusafrica
2002 Cesaria Evora – Anthology, Sony, BMG, RCA
2002 Cesaria Evora – Anthologie: Mornas & Coladeras (double LP)
2002 Cesaria Evora – The Very Best of Cesária Évora


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