New Single

Mandinga ma Mescrinha
ft. Mamani Keita

Miroca Paris single cover Madinga ma Mescrinha

First single of new album BIA

Miroca Paris kicks off with a statement first single of his upcoming album BIA: a captivating track of childhood memories, that ascends into celebration of deep African roots, set to the famous carnival of his city Mindelo.

With Mandinga ma Mescrinha the artist invites you to a scene that made a lasting impression on him growing up on the Atlantic islands of Cabo Verde. Each year his island comes alive with a renowned, elaborate, colorful Carnaval that also has a darker element.
In honor of their West African continental ancestors the locals dress up as Mandinga's - painted in black, wearing nose rings, waving with swords - terrifying and chasing children away.
In this upbeat track that connection to the continent is emphasized through the collaboration with special guest Malian star vocalist Mamani Keita, through rhythms of the mainland, lyrics sung in Bambara and the characteristic sounds of the Ngoni.

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Live at Afrika Hertme Festival, July 2024, The Netherlands

Live in Gran Canaria


Miroca Paris - Live in Warsaw
Live in Warsaw

Immerse yourself in the uplifting energy of singer and multi-instrumentalist MIROCA PARIS and his band, recorded in Poland during his 6-city tour in June ’21.
After being deprived of performing live for too long, Miroca set out to capture that vibrant feeling of a live show and that special spark between an artist and audience, to share beyond the concert hall.
Enjoy the Cabo Verdean-Portuguese artist’s layered, rhythmic sound and warm raspy voice, through a selection of songs off this latest album D’alma, plus family favorites.

Miroca Paris live in Warsaw: recorded in Białołęcki Ośrodek Kultury Theater, Poland – 25 June 2021.

D'Alma by Miroca Paris
 2018 acclaimed debut album

The highly anticipated debut album by Cabo Verdean singer and multi-instrumentalist Miroca Paris – known for working with Cesaria Evora – is finally out!
Carrying the simple yet profound title D’Alma (soul), this album is the result of composing and recording while on a continuous global tour for several years.
You’ll feel the backbone of upbeat raw infectious Funana rhythm and warm Coladera from Cabo Verde thriving on this record, lined with lots of guitar, rich percussion, Angolan semba, Brazilian samba, most of all it’s very Miroca Paris – Island Rhythm Innovator.
D’alma includes the favorites Mund Amor, Nhe Simpronia, Joana Joaninha and Ninguem.
Get your copy now or gift it to a loved one!

The artist’s thoughts
on releasing his live album:

“I wanted to share that energy of a live concert, but also I wanted to share what my songs have evolved into since the release of the studio album. With each rehearsal, each show, I explore deeper and am inspired to try new things.
Now everybody can enjoy it!” - Miroca Paris 

  • Latin Percussion
  • Remo
  • DW


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