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Dorota Miśkiewicz
ft Miroca Paris

Miroca Paris & Cesaria Evora on Stage

Live at Ladies' Jazz Fest in Gdynia, Poland – 21 July 2018

'Caminho para Evora'

Over 10 years ago Renowned Polish jazz singer Dorota Miśkiewicz recorded the warm duet ‘Um Pincelada‘ with the one and only Cesaria Evora. The song spread like a wild fire and, fueling a growing interest of the Polish vocalist in sounds from Brazil and Africa.
At that time the young, talented Miroca Paris was touring the world non-stop as innovative percussionist with the ‘Barefoot Diva’.

Since then, Miśkiewicz released ‘Caminho’ plus four more albums and collaborated with fabulous jazz artists, such as Nigel Kennedy, David Murray, Louis Winsberg, Kepa Junkera, Tomasz Stanko. In 2016 she authored the all-star project PIANO.PL, including the Atom String Quartet, voted Live Album Of The Year in Poland. 

After Evora’s passing Miroca Paris added his high level musicianship and creativity to countless projects. All this build up to the kick-off of his own career as singer and guitarist.

When a carte blanche was offered to Miśkiewicz by Ladies' Jazz Fest in Gdynia she invited Miroca to revisit en re-imagine this encounter of Cabo Verdean and Polish music, giving space to both artists' repertoire and talents.

The scheduled tour throughout Poland and Portugal couldn't take place due to the pandemic.

Ruben Alves ft Miroca Paris

Challende accepted! Switching out instruments and jazzin it up!

Fim de Viagem by Ruben Alves ft Miroca Paris

Nhe Simpronia by Miroca Paris ft Ruben Alves

When the musicians get together, great things happen!

Portuguese pianist Ruben Alves is a staple in the national scene, performing with a wide range of artists from the biggest names in fado, to pop and jazz groups. Alves and Miroca have worked together on many projects throughout the year, high time for them to create something together!
Since both artists have their own composition they challenged eachother to dive into eachothers repertoire, mix it up an jazz it up. Miroca exchanged his guitar and singing for the drumkit - enjoy the outcome!


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