Island Rhythm Innovator
Singer and multi-instrumentalist from Cabo Verde & Portugal

Miroca Paris - Capo Verde / Portugal

During his career spanning over 20 years, 

... Cabo Verdean singer and multi-instrumentalist MIROCA PARIS performed with Cesária Évora for a decade, recorded a Grammy winning album, toured with Madonna and now is flourishing on stage with his own music. Drawing on his vast rhythmic knowledge, he’s created his own unique guitar playing technique; forward driving, playful, surprising and fresh.
You can hear all that and more on his acclaimed debut album D’alma (‘from the soul) released in 2017, premiered at WOMAD and shared live on stage in four continents.

Ademiro – ‘Miroca’ – Paris Miranda was born into the ‘Paris’ family of thriving musicians, in Mindelo,  the cultural capitol on the island São Vicente of Cabo Verde (off the coast of Senegal). At the age of seven he started to play the drums, at thirteen Miroca he explored singing, playing guitar as well as percussion. Fueled by the sounds all around him, he founded his first band in 1994, drumming and singing himself. A year later he was invited to play with A Batucada, a percussion ensemble in São Vicente.

Miroca Paris & Cesaria Evora on Stage

Live on stage with Cesaria Evora 

Joining "Cize" Cesaria Evora

1998 marks a milestone in his life when he moved to Portugal. Opportunities arose as he performed in bars as a drummer or percussionist, alongside artists from all over the world, including his famous uncle Tito Paris.
In 1999 Sara Tavares asked him to join her band and only a year later he received an invitation to join Cesária Évora’s ensemble in France.

For over a decade he toured with the iconic singer, known as the Barefoot Diva. Miroca played percussion and innovated their set, sang backling vocals and had almple practice singing while he did Cesaria's vocal mic soundcheck for ech and every concert.
He performed in the world’s most renowned theaters, from the Hollywood Bowl to the famous Gland Rex in Paris, festivals like Montreal Jazz to Siberia, and more for 8 out of 10 month in the year. In the meantime he would record studio albums of both Cesaria and other international artists, all the while perfecting his craft...

Miroca Paris - Capo Verde / Portugal

Brilliantly adding rhythmic layers and color for over 2 decades

beats, rhythmic backbone, nuance and custom details, excelling alongside international artists like Chico Cesar, Mariza, Bonga, Sara Tavares, Sona Jobarteh, Bana, Cuca Rosetta, Tito Paris, Zizi Possi, Angélique Kidjo, Bitori, Nancy Vieira, Rui Veloso, Tcheka, Camané, Boy Gê Mendes, Teófilo Chantre, Aline Frazão and many others – plus, more recently – the Queen of Pop Madonna.

Miroca Paris & Cesaria Evora on Stage

Live at Platonov Arts Festival

Stepping into the limelight

His journey with the women who put his motherland on the map, came to an abrupt halt when Evora passed away in December 2011.
Eternally grateful for the lessons he learnt, the time had come for Paris to do as the ‘Barefoot Diva’ always wished him to do:
to share his own music with the world. To sing his heartfelt stories front and center.

Drawing on his vast knowledge as percussionist, Miroca bases his guitar-playing on rhythm: forward driving, playful with a fresh take on rich Cabo Verdean music. He composes his music from the rhythm up, not from lyrics or a melody, but from the story he wants to tell and which feeling goes with it, which beat, vibe or dance. 
The result is his highly anticipated and acclaimed debut album D’alma (2018), driven by his roots, uplifting and dynamic, topped with his warm raspy voice with lyrics in his native Kriol.

Miroca Paris live in Poland

Miroca center stage

D'alma has been featured and reviewed globally from French Radio RFI to the KEXP Seattle (USA), Jazzism Magazine (NL) and has been licensed by Putomayo.

Since then he's toured with his band from WOMAD UK to Azerbeijan, from opening for Gilberto Gil in Berlin to Théatre du Châtelet in Paris.
Other highlights include WOMEX 2021, Mundial Montreal, AME Cabo Verde, festivals in Portugal, tours in The Netherlands, Germany, Russia and Poland - where he recorded his latest album: Live in Warsaw (2021).

From UNESCO recognised Morna to the fast Funana, from jazz collaborations to giving workshops, Miroca always represents, innovates and warms hearts.

Miroca is currently working on his new album in his Lisbon home.


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