Coffee from Cabo Verde

Cafe com D’alma – Coffee with soul
For all you coffee lovers: dive into the deep warm flavor of these beans from Fogo (‘fire’) Island, Cabo Verde. A unique coffee, cultivated in rich, fertile soil near the active volcano.
Discover the intense aroma that I remember from my childhood.
Even though the harvest is limited on this small island – in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean – it became a must-have for one the world’s largest coffee shop chains. Don’t worry, we have some of this beautiful local product for you!

150 grams of coffee beans – 100% Kriol, just like Miroca’s music


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Cafe com d’Alma – Coffee with soul
coffee beans – 200 grams – 100% Kriol

Like Miroca’s music, this ‘black gold’ has it’s roots in the soil of Cabo Verde.
Taste the rich flavor of locally grown coffee beans from this West African island nation, in the comfort of your own home. Fogo (“fire”) island has the most incredible fertile soil, thanks to the (active) volcano which gives the island its name. That’s exactly where the beans get their warm, distinct character.

Love coffee? Treat yourself or a friend to this 100% Kriol coffee! And help support local farmers in the Atlantic Ocean, rather than large corporations.

We’ve already shipped our soulful beans from Cabo Verde to Portugal and the Netherlands to reach you even faster.

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