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WOMEX Porto 2021

WOMEX conference & festival – Teatro Nacional São João, Porto 29 Oct 2021

October 2021 the annual professional global music conference and festival WOMEX took place in Porto, Portugal. Miroca Paris performed as official selection in the iconic Teatro Nacional São João for international delegates and local audience alike.
He and several other acts showcased the variety of sounds and culture from the Lusophone (Portuguese speaking) world that includes Cabo Verde. Miroca’s music comes directly from the rich roots of the Atlantic Island rhythms and composes his uplifting songs on in native Kriol.
Thank you to Womex for the opportunity, to SPA for sponsoring the Lusophone stage and GDA association for neighboring rights for supporting Miroca’s concert. And a huge thank you to the entire team!

SPA: “and finally, Miroca Paris, one of the modern exponents of Cape Verdean music, a multi-instrumentalist with wide experience.”

Band line-up
Miroca Paris – vocals, guitar and percussion
Vaiss Dias – guitar & cavaquinho
Xico Santos – bass guitar
Jessica Pina – trumpet
Cau Paris – drum

Sound: Carlos Cruz, Management: Kokako Music

Miroca Paris live – Bo, at Teatro Nacional Sao Joao, Porto – WOMEX
Miroca Paris live – Regresso, at Teatro Nacional Sao Joao, Porto – WOMEX