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Showcase Mundial Montreal

This November Miroca Paris will make his Canadian debut at music conference Mundial Montreal, followed by Toronto.

After playing most major festivals in Canada like International Jazz Festival Montreal with Cesaria Evora, he’s back:
This time in his own name, with his own music!
The young veteran, dubbed ‘Island Rhythm Innovator’ for his skills as percussionist, has been selected to perform at the renowned music conference Mundial Montreal.

Mundial Montreal is North America’s World Music Summit.
Taking place annually, Mundial operates as a springboard for some of the best world music talent emerging from Canada and beyond, and is cultivating a highly developed network of presenters. With a thoughtfully curated program of artists, networking activities and inspiring conversation, Mundial has established itself as the go-to event in North America for world music discovery and professional opportunities.


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Supported by: GDA Fundacao DGA – Instituto Camoes em Montreal – Consul Geral de Portugal em Montreal. Thank you for your help in supporting the internationalization of Miroca Paris and his career!

Presented by: Kokako Music