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Miroca in Madonna's Medellin video

The last 2 years the Queen of Pop has been living in Lisbon, Portugal. The melting pot of sounds and vibrant music scene mesmerized her in no time. Besides fado, the Lusophone scene quickly drew her attention.
Needless to say Madonna was inspired Cabo Verdean, Angolan, Brazilian etc beats and flavors, which prompted her to make new record:
“Madame X’  (out in June).

It all came together in a short documentary about Madonna’s time in Lisbon, check the video she leaked featuring Miroca on Cajon.

Next came a bigger project. Luckily he could join between his own international tours from Canada to Azerbaijan, for the shooting of the first single of Madame X, released 24 April:

MEDELLIN – Madonna ft Maluma

It’s a whirlwind of scene, but if you look closely you’ll catch Miroca rockin’ the tambourine
Click to watch the video (18 million views and counting)