Cabo Verde – Portugal

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From leading 60+ person carnaval group Batucada as young as 12 years old, to touring the world with Barefoot Diva Cesaria Evora and creating custom sounds for renowned international artists –
Miroca Paris has rightfully been dubbed the
‘Island Rhythm Innovator’.

Miroca was born into the ‘Paris’ family of thriving musicians, in the cultural capitol Mindelo, on the northern island São Vicente, of Cabo Verde (off the coast of Senegal). At the age of seven he started to play the drums, at thirteen Miroca he explored singing, playing guitar as well as percussion. Fueled by the sounds all around him, he founded his first band in 1994, drumming and singing himself. A year later he was invited to play with A Batucada, a percussion ensemble in São Vicente.

1998 Marks a milestone in his life when he moved to Portugal. Opportunities arose as he performed in bars as a drummer or percussionist, alongside artists from all over the world, including his famous uncle Tito Paris.
In 1999 Sara Tavares asked him to join her band and only a year later he received an invitation to join Cesária Évora’s ensemble in France. For over a decade he toured with the iconic singer, playing in the world’s most renowned theaters, festivals, universities , all the while recording studio albums and perfecting his craft.

During his career spanning 20+ years, Miroca brilliantly adds layers and color, beats, rhythmic backbone, nuance and custom details, excelling alongside international artists like Chico Cesar, fadista Cuca Rosetta, Tito Paris, Bana, Mariza, Sara Tavares, Zizi Possi, ft Angélique Kidjo, Bitori & Chando Graciosa, Nancy Vieira, Bonga, Rui Veloso, Tcheka, Camané, Aline Frazão, Bana, Boy Gê Mendes, Teófilo Chantre, Tito Paris, Cesaria Evora Orchestra and many others – plus, more recently – the Queen of Pop Madonna.

On top of being known as an innovative percussionist and versatile drummer, Miroca’s created his own unique guitar playing technique drawing on his vast rhythmic knowledge;
forward driving, playful, surprising and fresh. 

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