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A Morna in New York

Thank you 20.000+ followers!

Hello world! It’s always crazy to think of all the places in the world where people like YOU are, listening to my music!
THANK YOU for your LIKE on my Facebook / Insta / Youtube pages!
I appreciate so much your time and hope you enjoy this little video as a Thank You!


When I was in NYC last summer, we were rehearsing non-stop for MadameX. It was an intens and inspring time.
On one of my free days I heard my friend, photographer Leo from Paris was also in the Big Apple! We’ve know each other for years and Leo’s always had a special way to capture moments on camera.
Perfect time for a Manhattan photo shoot and a coffee, on y va!

Battery Park – You know you can see the Statue of Liberty from here?
At least, on a good day. 
Today it was grey and windy omg! Reminds me of my island Soa Vicente where in the winter the wind is crazy! Forget a trip to the beach, you will be blown away!
Even though the sky was grey, we got some amazing shots with Skyline of New York City and my guitar. 

After all this posing, and smiling and concentrating…. time for a little song.
Being next to the water inspired me to sing a ‘morna’ from Cabo Verde about the sea. I tried to bring out the sun… The sound isn’t so good because we weren’t planning on making a video, but still it’s a nice little tune.
Enjoy and let music fill your day!

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